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Multiple criteria selection of high voltage circuit breakers for power substations using direct analytic hierarchy process

E.M. Votyakova, B.A. Gnatyuk, B.A. Staroverov

Vestnik IGEU, 2016 issue 5, pp. 70—75

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Abstract in English: 

Background: As the commutation life and service life of high-voltage circuit breakers are limited, it inevitably causes a problem of selecting suitable equipment for their replacement. Such selection should account for different factors such as price, country of production, after-sales service, etc. Therefore, such multiple criteria problem of selecting suitable equipment among the variants produced by different companies is quite urgent nowadays.

Materials and methods: This multiple-criteria selection problem is solved by direct analytical hierarchy process. This expert evaluation method is based on experience, knowledge and intuition of decision makers, as well as modern technologies of automated decision support.

Results: The convenience and clarity of the direct analytical hierarchy process is demonstrated by the example of high-voltage circuit breaker selection. A criteria hierarchy has been built to select high-voltage circuit breakers, with the quantitative criteria determined by applying membership functions.

Conclusions: The direct hierarchy process for multiple criteria selection of engineering equipment allows making well-founded decisions, meeting all requirements and grading the alternatives according to their correspondence. The built hierarchy is universal and can be used repeatedly in different projects.

Key words: power substation, multiple criteria selection, analytic hierarchy process, direct method, membership function, high voltage circuit breaker.

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электрическая подстанция, многокритериальный выбор, метод анализа иерархии, прямой метод, функция принадлежности, высоковольтный выключатель
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power substation, multiple criteria selection, analytic hierarchy process, direct method, membership function, high voltage circuit breaker
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