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Electricity demand management at the meso-level by volatility parameters

I.A. Soloveva, A.P. Dzyuba

Vestnik IGEU, 2017 issue 1, pp. 76—86

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Background: The current level of electricity use demand volatility at the level of the Unified National Power Grid of Russia is estimated as very high, which raises the cost of electricity for all consumers of the power system. Despite the significant economic effect derived from the alignment of the electricity use demand at the level of the Unified National Power Grid of Russia and simultaneously the highest relevance of the question of reducing the electricity cost at the level of the country economy as a whole, there are still no tools for electricity use demand alignment in wholesale and retail electricity markets mechanisms. Our analysis of Russian scientists’ studies of this problem allows us to make a conclusion that their main attention is given to evaluating the efficiency of demand management but not to the problems and complexities of practical implementation of demand management tools. At the same time, they largely ignore the questions of evaluation and analysis of electricity use demand volatility at the meso-level, which, in our opinion, should be the starting point in developing and implementing a system of electricity use demand management in Russia. That is why it seems quite important to evaluate and analyse demand volatility parameters at the meso-level with subsequent development of recommendations for demand management in similar regional groups.

Materials and methods: We used the characteristics of the hourly electricity use demand at the meso-level in Russia. The results were processed by analysis and synthesis methods, statistical methods of variation, and correlation and regression analysis, economic and mathematical methods of data analysis.

Results: Parameters of the electricity use demand were studied at the meso-level. The authors suggested new indicators for the assessment and analysis of electricity demand: annual load volatility coefficient, daily load factor providing a comprehensive picture of the electricity demand volatility within different time periods. This paper analyzes the factors influencing electricity demand volatility at the meso-level, and identifies the most significant of them. Based on the results of the study, the authors developed a map of the regional electricity demand in Russia and grouped the regions by the electricity demand volatility level. For each of the identified groups of regions they developed recommendations for demand management taking into account the identified features aiming to reduce the volatility level and, as a result, to lower the power system care and maintenance costs.

Conclusions: The obtained results are of high theoretical and practical significance, which is manifested in the possibility of their use in the development and implementation of management decisions in the electricity use demand management both at the meso-level and at the level of the country as a whole with the aim of reducing the electricity consumption and increasing the efficiency of energy resource use.

Key words: power industry, electricity consumption, demand management, energy efficiency, energy use, meso-level, volatility indices.

References in English: 

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электроэнергетика, электропотребление, управление спросом, энергоэффективность, энергозатраты, мезоуровень, показатели волатильности
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power industry, electricity consumption, demand management, energy efficiency, energy use, meso-level, volatility indices
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