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Research into powerful electric drives in the autonomous electrical power complex

A.E. Savenko, P.S. Savenko

Vestnik IGEU, 2017 issue 4, pp. 44—49

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Abstract in English: 

Background: Electric AC drives with asynchronous motors are widely used in solving technological problems in different areas of the economy and are the main consumers of electrical energy, including in the autonomous electrical complexes. Effective operation of actuators is an important issue for any electrical complex but especially for the marine vessel with parallel operation of generators and commensurable capacity of sources and consumers. The bow thruster with a controllable pitch propeller (CPP) is one of the most powerful electric AC induction motors installed on board the ships for various purposes. A characteristic feature of the bow thruster with a CPP is that it is possible to use un unregulated drive as the screw for the rotation speed and regulate the flow by rotation of the propeller blades. The increasing requirements for energy efficiency and security make it necessary to study all modes of powerful electric drives in the autonomous electrical complexes in real conditions when they solve specific production problems.

Materials and methods: We used the results of experimental studies conducted in all major modes of operation of the CPP bow thruster with the asynchronous motor power of 135 kW. For the study we employed a digital control and measurement system. The basis of the complex is a two-channel digital storage oscilloscope «Owon» and a personal computer connected to it. We used only certified equipment that has passed verification, and licensed software.

Results: We have obtained waveforms of current and voltage generators operating in parallel in the main modes of operation of the CPP bow thruster. The experimental results confirm the existence of exchange fluctuations of power in parallel operation of synchronous generators of the electrical complex. The resulting waveforms provide full information about the time and amplitude characteristics of the electro-mechanical processes that occur during operation of an AC powerful consumer in the autonomous electrotechnical complex of a marine vessel.

Conclusions: The presence of exchange power fluctuations in all operating modes indicates the need for developing methods and means of their elimination. It is necessary to conduct experimental studies to determine the time and amplitude values of the currents in the quasi-steady and transient modes of powerful drives in autonomous electrical complexes. The staff should be informed about the obtained results that should be used in the operation of such systems.

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генераторный агрегат, мощность генератора, обменные колебания мощности, параллельная работа, подруливающее устройство, синхронный генератор, ток генератора, экспериментальные исследования, автономный электротехнический комплекс
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generating set, generator power, exchange power fluctuations, parallel operation, thruster, synchronous generator, generator current, experimental research, autonomous electrotechnical complex
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