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Methods of calculating optimum source capacity for the reconstruction of district heating systems

E.A. Buzoverov, O.N. Makhov, M.V. Isaev, I.D. Chernov

Vestnik IGEU, 2017 issue 3, pp. 20—29

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Abstract in English: 

Background: The high level of wear and tear of the Russian district heating systems necessitates their urgent reconstruction. One of the barriers is the low quality of pre-design preparation due to the lack of time and money. The methods currently in use are labour-consuming; their implementation requires involving specialized organizations and numerous engineering calculations, which makes them very costly. All this makes it urgent to develop simple and cheap reconstruction methods for optimizing technical and economic performance of the heating systems.

Materials and methods: The authors used statistical methods of processing data about capital and operational costs to obtain correlation dependences of technical and economic indicators of a heating system on heat source capacity. The dependence was plotted by extrapolating the indicators of the existing system to the design variants.

Results: The authors have developed a technical and economic model allowing quick estimation of optimal capacity and heating source number in the heating system. The developed model has been tried out at Volgograd heating facilities. The authors have also determined the optimal capacity of heat sources and analysed the dependence of the model target indicators on different external factors.

Conclusions: The developed method is an effective instrument allowing optimization of heating system technical parameters at the design stage with minimum time and financial expenses. The obtained correlation dependences of the technical and economic indicators of the district heating system on heat source capacity allow us to predict capital costs for their reconstruction and operational indicators of their further operation.

Key words: district heating system, heat source, heating system, heating capacity, optimization, technical and economic model.

References in English: 

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централизованная система теплоснабжения, теплоисточник, тепловая сеть, тепловая мощность, оптимизация, технико-экономическая модель
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district heating system, heat source, heating system, heating capacity, optimization, technical and economic model
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