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A method of evaluating consumer location impact on heat energy transmission tariffs

S.A. Demidova, S.V. Kosyakov

Vestnik IGEU, 2017 issue 4, pp. 62—67

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Background: The process of populated areas evolutionary development is accompanied by growth of heat supply networks. The networks operation costs are one of the components of the regional heat energy tariff calculated annually by regional authorities based on the analysis of all current energy generation and transportation costs. Active introduction of GIS technologies in municipal management areas creates the necessary conditions for developing methods and techniques of automatic assessment of the network structure change impact on the future tariff. The article aims at developing methods enabling comparative assessment of consumer contribution to the tariff component based on the town planning information without analysing network operation modes. At the same time, in order to assess the impact of the planned network development activities on the future tariff, it is necessary to involve specialists in network design.

Materials and methods: We used methods of electricity and heat regulated tariff calculation on the retail market, spatial analysis, GIS technologies and data from public information resources of Ivanovo city.

Results: We propose a method for assessing the impact of measures that change the spatial structure of the city's heat supply network on the heat energy tariff. The method is based on the analysis of cost distribution between consumers and takes into account heat carrier transportation routes in the network. The article also presents the results of implementing the software module in the GIS environment, which provides the results in the form of thematic maps of distributing ‘profitable’ and ‘unprofitable’ consumers in terms of tariff formation.

Conclusions: The obtained results confirm that it is possible to develop tools of automatic evaluation of consumer location effect on the heat energy tariffs. The developed method and its realization can be used in the decision-making support information system of territorial management bodies.

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тепловые сети, геоинформационные системы, пространственная структура сети, расчет тарифа на тепловую энергию, потери в сетях
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heat supply networks, GIS, spatial network structure, calculation of heat energy tariff, losses in the networks
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