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Ivanovo State Power Engineering University named after V.I. Lenin

Editorial Board

153003, Russia, Ivanovo, Rabfakovskaya str., 34 building B, room B-514,

tel. (4932) 269-857, 269-879, fax: (4932) 385-701

Chief editor

Grigorii V. Ledukhovsky, Doctor of Engineering, tel. (4932) 269-696,


Academic Degree

2018 - Doctor of Engineering Sciences: "Improvement of Current Technologies and Substantiation of New Technologies of Thermal Deaeration of Water", ISPU, 05.14.14 Thermal Power Plants, Energy Systems and Units

2008 - Candidate of Engineering Sciences (PhD): "Improvement of Technology of Oxygen Desorption in Jet-bubble Deaerators of Atmospheric Pressure", ISPU, 05.14.14 Thermal Power Plants, Energy Systems and Units

Academic Title

Associate Professor, the Department of Thermal Power Plants

Scientific and Pedagogical Experience (years): 16


2008 — Higher Education - Training of Highly Qualified Personnel, Ivanovo State Power University named after V.I. Lenin, Processes and Apparatuses of Chemical Technologies

2005 — Higher Education - Specialist Programme, Ivanovo State Power University named after V.I. Lenin, Thermal Power Plants, Engineer

Research Interests

improvement of the effectiveness and modeling the processes of heat and mass transfer and water deaeration; auxiliary equipment of TPP; thermal efficiency and optimization of operating modes of TPP equipment

Topics of Research Activities

1. Mathematical modeling and improving the efficiency of technological processes of heat transfer and thermal deaeration of water. 2. Increasing the thermal efficiency of thermal power plant equipment as a result of structural and regime optimization

Assistant chief editor

Igor K. Muravyev, Candidate of Engineering, tel. (4932) 269-758,

email: igor3724 [cobaka] mail [to4ka] ru

Technical editor

Natalia V. Koroleva, tel. (4932) 269-857, email: koroleva [cobaka] ispu [to4ka] ru


Svetlana M. Kotkova, tel. (4932) 269-856

Electrical power engineering section editor

Andrey Y. Murzin, Candidate of Engineering, тел. (4932) 269-923,

Heat power engineering section editor

Evgeniy N. Bushuev, Doctor of Engineering, tel. (4932) 385-783,
email: bushueven [cobaka] mail [to4ka] ru

Mechatronics and electromechanics section editor

Mathematical modeling section editor

Andrey I. Tikhonov, Doctor of Engineering, tel. (4932) 269-928,
email: aitispu [cobaka] mail [to4ka] ru

Automated control systems section editor

Alexey R. Kolganov, Doctor of Engineering, tel. (4932) 269-709,
email: klgn [cobaka] drive [to4ka] ispu [to4ka] ru

Information technologies section editor

Sergey V. Kosyakov, Doctor of Engineering, tel. (4932) 269-878,
email: ksv [cobaka] igt [to4ka] ispu [to4ka] ru