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  1. Editorial board must consider all the papers presented for publication without any prejudices about the authors, with unconditional respect for their rights to intellectual property.
  2. If the author is a member of the editorial board, he/she must delegate his/her rights in terms of consideration of the paper to another qualified person.
  3. Editorial board conducts preliminary selection and review of presented papers during a month from the date of their reception and reserves the right to accept a paper, reject it or send it for revision.
  4. Editorial board reserves the right to choose  the review method (open, anonymous) and the number of reviewers in order to ensure unprejudiced review of the paper. Nobody but individuals involved in paper assessment can have access to its content.
  5. Editorial board informs authors about the acceptance of the paper via email. If the paper is rejected or sent for revision, the editorial board must present to the authors adequate substantiation of such a decision.
  6. Published materials cannot be reproduced fully or partially without preliminary consent statement of the authors and the Editorial Board. A reference to the source is necessary if the paper is cited or distributed on the internet.
  7. Information contained in unpublished paper can be used only with the authors’ consent.
  8. If there is evidence of inaccuracy in published materials, the editorial board must publish an announcement of the mistake signed by the persons who discovered it.