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Development and study of a dynamic model of single-phase amorphous steel core transformer

A.I. Tikhonov, A.A. Karzhevin, A.V. Podobny, D.E. Dryazgov

Vestnik IGEU, 2019 issue 2, pp. 43—51

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Abstract in English: 
Background: The use of amorphous ferromagnetic alloys in transformer construction allows reducing no-load losses by 4 times or more. At the same time, the magnetization curve of amorphous steel has a shape that is close to a rectangle, which significantly distorts the shape of the no-load current curve. This is accompanied by inrush current increases when a saturated transformer is turned on. However, there are no publications devoted to this issue in the periodicals. The purpose of this work is to develop a dynamic model and study the dynamics of an amorphous steel core single-phase transformer (TAS) operating at an arbitrary external load.
Materials and methods: The calculation of the electrical circuit was made by a one-step method based on a modified 2nd-order Rosenbrock formula, and the circuit parameters were calculated by the finite element method.
Results:  We have developed dynamic models of the single-phase transformer based on the use of controlled current sources and EMF and implemented in the MatLab Simulink SimPowerSystem. These models allowed us to take into account the effect produced by the practically rectangular shape of the magnetization curve of the amorphous steel used to make the core on the operation of a saturated transformer. It has been established that the inrush current occurring when a saturated TAS  is switched on can exceed the rated current tenfold. A significant distortion of the current curve has been detected in the first periods even when the transformer operates at nominal load.
Conclusions: The developed models can be used to study the operation of a transformer at an arbitrary load. These models can be developed further. It has been found that a significant effect on the transformer operation is produced by the shape of the amorphous steel magnetization curve
References in English: 

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Key words in Russian: 
динамическая модель однофазного трансформатора, магнитопроводы из аморфной стали, имитационное моделирование трансформаторов
Key words in English: 
dynamic model of a single-phase transformer, amorphous steel magnetic cores, transformer simulation
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