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2010 issue 2

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A.V. Moshkarin, B.L. Shelygin, T.A. Zhamlikhanov. Calculation Research of HRSG Е-50-0,7-250 Characteristics while varying duties with Gas Turbine Plant – 6P

A.V. Moshkarin, B.L. Shelygin, T.A. Zhamlikhanov. GTE-110 Operating Characteristics for CCGT-325 MW Power Unit

G.V. Ledukhovsky, A.A. Pospelov, A.A. Borisov. Educational and Laboratory Program System on Optimizating Operating Modes of Heating Turbine Units

A.V. Moshkarin, V.N. Vinogradov, G.V. Leduhovsky, A.A. Korotkov. Simulating Problems of Carbon Dioxide Chemical Adsorption and Desorption Processes in Heat Mass Exchange Equipment of Power Units

V.N. Vinogradov, V.K. Awan. Perspectivity of Hydrogen Gas Analyzer for Diagnostics of Water Chemical Modes of Thermal Power Plants’ Boilers

N.N. Yelin, M.Yu. Ometova, G.B. Rybkina. Modelling Cyclically Conjugated Heat Exchange in Regenerative Air Heater

V.M. Zakharov, N.N. Smirnov, V.I. Asheulov, D.A. Lapateev. Energy-Efficient Effect of Applying Heat-Reflecting Shields for Greenhouse Farming  Power Supply

O.I. Gorinov, V.A. Gorbunov, O.B. Kolibaba, O.V. Samyshina. Influence of Thermal and Physical Properties of Solid Household Wastes on Temperature Mode of Thermal Recycling


V.K. Slyshalov, G.V. Tchekan. Reliability Calculations of Electrical Distribution Networks with the Automatic Load Transfer

A.V. Kryukov, V.P. Zakaryukin, N.A. Abramov. Situation Control of Modes of Railway Electric Supply System Based on  Fuzzy Clusterization Methods

S.E. Bobrov. Analyzing Phase-Comparison Protection Operation when а Short Circuit Overlaps Prefault Open-Phase Network Operating Mode

A.P. Vasilev, I.I. Bandurin. Mathematical models of optimum structure of operative service of electric networks


O.S. Khvatov, A.B. Daryenkov, I.M. Tarasov. Diesel-generator Power Plant with Shaft Frequency Rotation

T.Yu. Stepanova. Increasing Surface Conductance of Constructional Material

E.V. Kiseleva. Developing Effective Technology of Preparation of Lubricating Fluid for Metal Working

А.I. Munitsyn, L.N. Krainova, N.A. Sabaneev. Dimensioned Nonlinear Vibrations of Rod with Two Anchorages


A.R. Kolganov, S.K. Lebedev, N.E. Gnezdov. Microprocessor Implementation of State and Load Observers for Electromechanotronic Modules

A.M. Vodovozov, A.S. Elyukov. Parameters Identification of Asynchronous Machine in Established Modes

M.S. Kulenko, S.V. Burenin. Researching Application of Fuzzy Controllers in Technological Processes Control Systems

P.M. Poklad. An Overview of Intellectual Control Methods of Complex Dynamic Systems


T.V. Ivanov, Yu.V. Chernyakhovskaya. Financing Methodology as a Component of Successful Implementation of NPP Construction Projects

M.A. Shashenkova, T.V. Gvozdeva, A.A. Razheva. Simulation on Project Supervising as Solution of Non-Typical Problems  of High Indeterminacy

I.S. Kupriyanov. Sociological Monitoring of Everyday-Life Corruption in Ivanovo Region