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2010 issue 3

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B.L. Shelygin, A.V. Moshkarin, T.A. Zhamlikhanov. Influence of GTE-110 Compressor  Exducer on Operating Characteristics of CCGT-325 MW Power Unit

A.A. Mitushov. Simulation of Thermal Power Equipment Elements Wear

V.K. Semenov,  V.F. Stepanov. Dynamic Model of Growth of Defects in the Heat-Mechanic Equipment of Growing Old Power Plants

V.S. Rabenko, A.L. Vinogradov, A.I. Kiseliov. Modelling Kindling Unit of the Power Uniflow Boilers SKP for Simulators

A.V. Moshkarin, G.V. Leduhovsky, A.A. Korotkov, Y.E. Barochkin. Tutorial «Atmospheric Deaerating Plants»


Yu. V. Kandalov. Calculating Electromagnetic Parameters of Above-ground Pipeline of Transient Electrical Sounding

V.K. Slyshalov, Yu.V. Kandalov. Calculating Electrical Charges Distribution Induced on Above-ground Pipeline with Lightning Leader Field

N.V. Savina, A.A. Kazakul. Optimal Reactive Power Compensation Methods in Networks of Distribution Companies in Condition of Uncertainty

S.N. Kadnikov, I.E. Veselova. Mathematical Model for Field Calculation in Magnetic Circuit with Joints

A.A. Shulpin, S.V. Baldov. Analysis of Energy Consumption Parameters for Pneumomechanical Spinning Machines of Textile Enterprises

A.A. Shulpin, S.V. Baldov. Definition of Rational Power Consumption of Looms


Yu.B.Kazakov, I.V. Gulyaev, I.S. Yushkov, E.A. Shumilov. Natural Characteristics of Asynchronized Valve Electrical Motor Based on the Voltage Inverter

A.N. Golubev, V.A. Martynov, S.S. Ananyev, V.G. Belonogov. Asynchronous Electric Drive with Optimized Vibronoise Characteristics and Its Modeling

N.L. Pavlyukova. Using Magnetic Abrasive Polishing While Finishing Non-ferrous Alloys Details

V.P. Zhukov, A.E. Barochkin, A.K. Lapshin. Optimization of Heat Carriers Feed Positioning  and Flow Structure in Multi-Stage Heat Exchangers


F.N. Yasinskiy,  I.F. Yasinskiy. Generalized Koshi Case and the Ways of Incorrect Tasks Regularization

F.N. Yasinskiy, A.V. Evseev. On Solution of Navier–Stokes Equation in «Stream Function – Curl» Variable on Multiprocessor Computer with CUDA System

S.N. Chadov. On GPU-based Solving of Linear Systems with Chebyshev Iterations

S.N. Chadov, I.A. Moskvin. On Numerical Simulation of a Power System

S.G. Sidorov, A.V. Nikologorskaya. Time-series Analysis as Method of Forecast Formation of Electric Power Consumption in Kostroma Region

V.V. Pekunov. Program Metalayer: Object-Event Simulation of Algorithm, Data and Parameters of Program. Key Idea. Application in Parallel Programming

F.N. Yasinskiy, A.S. Kokorin. Mathematical Modeling of the Processes to Ventilations and Heating in Greater Production, Cultural and Atheletic Premiseses


G.L. Vinogradova, E.A. Demchinova. Complex Automation of Storekeeping in the Conditions of Multiproduct Manufacture

B.A. Ballod, A.V. Muromkina, D.E. Kovalev. Information System for Forecasting Heart Rhythm Restoration Patients with Fibrillation of Auricles (DISK_Z)

S.V. Kosyakov. Рossibilities and Application Objectives of Grid Technologies in Municipal and Regional Information Systems

E.R. Panteleev, A.L. Arkhipov, A.V. Vtorov, E.V. Ilyina. Integration of Programming Skills Control Tools into Internet Learning Environment


S.P. Aksinenko. The Conceptual Statement Development of Success Management of Professional Personnel Activity in Nuclear Power Engineering

А.A. Dikiy. Determinants and Formation Mechanism of Troubled Population Debts


U.S. Tverskoy, S.A. Talamanov. Automatic process control system technology for power plants (specific features, problems and development outlook)