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2010 issue 4

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G.V. Ledukhovsky, A.A. Pospelov, M.Yu. Zorin, S.V. Dobrov, N.S. Astashov, E.M. Zorina. Experimental Determination of Loading Correction Grid for Changing Pressure of Exhausted Steam in Condenser of the turbine Tp-115/125-130-1tp UTMZ

V.P. Zhukov, E.V. Barochkin, A.A. Borisov, S.A. Petrovanov. The problem of Optimization of Heat Power Plant Equipment taking into consideration Delivery Water Distribution between Heat Exchangers and Combined Method of Its Solution

A.V. Moshkarin, B.L. Shelygin, T.A. Zhamlikhanov. Influence of Major Factors on CCGT-325 MW Power Changing

A. Vinogradov, A. Kiseliov, A.A. Mityushov. The numerical Researches of the Stage of Start-up of Block SCP on the Separator Mode Using Mathematical Model

V.N. Vinogradov, I.A. Shatova, W.Q. Awan, A.V. Shovalov. Peculiarities of Internal Corrosion of Heating Systems

V.V. Bukhmirov, S.А. Krupennikov,  Y.S. Solnyshkova. Algorithm for Solution of Radiant Heating Premises Systems

V.S. Rabenko, A.L. Vinogradov, A.I. Kiseliov, V.A. Budanov. Сompetition of Combined Teams of OGK-3 Operating Personnel


V.K. Slyushalov, G.V. Chekan. Analysis of the Methods based on the Theory of Columns for Defining  Reliability Indexes of Electropower Systems Schemes

N.P. Badalyan, K.V. Khachatryan. Modelling of Z-diacoptical Matrix with regard for Complex Transformation Factors of Transformer

А.L. Kulikov, А.А. Petrukhin, А.S. Svechnikov. Protecting Impulse Devices of the ETL Fault Location from Simulating Interference


А.I. Tikhonov, Yu.B. Kazakov, I.M. Lashmanov. Numerical Model of Switching Commutator Machines in Dynamic Models

M.S. Saykin. Nanomagnetic Liquids Sealers for Chemical Reactor Shafts

E.V. Kiseleva. Theoretical preconditions of mechanical activation of technological liquid

Yu.B. Kazakov, V.А. Poletaev, T.А. PaholkovА. Defining Friction Moment of Magnetic Liquid Sealer with Dissimilar Magnetic Field on basis of Numerical Modeling of Magnetorheological Fluid Motion

А.I. Tikhonov, G.V. Popov, А.V. Ivanov. Computer-Aided Design System of Current Limiting Reactor from Aluminium Ribbon


A.P. Burkov, E.V. Krasilnikyants, A.A. Smirnov, N.V. Salakhutdinov. Current Requirements for Electric Drives of Production Unit with Numerical Program Control

U.S. Tverskoy, E.D. Marshalov. Optimization of Control Valve Characteristics in Automation Control Systems

A.V. Golubev. Specific Features of the Algorithm Adjustment and Testing of Automatic Control of Non-stationary Operating Modes of Power Supply Plants

S.I. Novikov, V.R. Shahnovich, A.V. Safronov. Fuzzy Logic Methods in the Tasks of Thermal Processes Automation of Power Plant

P.M. Poklad. Program Tools for Electric Drive Control


F.N. Yasinskiy, O.V. Potemkina, S.G. Sidorov, I.F. Yasinskiy. On Strengthening and Numerical Realization of Developing Field Model of Fire

S.S. Lapshin. Mathematical Model of Critical Fire Duration in Adjacent Room with Fire Source

F. N. Yasinskiy, A. V. Evseev. Using CUDA Accelerators System for Decision of Navier–Stokes Equation in «Stream Function – Curl» Variable

F.N. Yasinskiy, A.V. Nikologorskaya. Developing Hybrid Approach of Energy Consumption Prediction with Using Supercomputer on Accelerators

V.A. Godlevskiy, E.V. Berezina, S.A. Kuznetsov. Modelling of Frictional Boundary Layer by Using Molecular Dynamics Methods

B.S. Zinovyev, L.N. Sosnina. Improper Integrals with kernel cos mx and Residues

E.T. Avanesov, V.А. Gusev, N.P. Kharish. On Development of The Jacobi-Perron Algorithm


S.V. Kosyakov, А.B. Gadalov, K.А. Zhidovinov. Optimial Cargo Transportation Planning Based on GIS Technologies

N.N. ElisarovА, E.L. Arkhangelskaya. Applying Grapho-Analytical Method of Analyzing  Subject Domains When Designing Information Systems

B.A. Staroverov, V.V. Olonichev, M.A. Smirnov. Expandable Module Computer Control System based on UNIX Interprocessor Communication


I.A. Astrakhantseva. Strategy for Modelling Financial Time Series in the Value-based Management System

I.V. Astafyev. Public Motivation of Priorities in Conditions of Economic System Domination

O.А. Grishanova, G.А. Prokopova. Negative transfers as Source of Funding of Inter-Municipal Agreements