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2011 issue 3

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G.V.  Leduhovsky, А.А. Pospelov, M.Y. Zorin, N.S. Astashov, I.B. Volkov, G.B. Komissar. Developing Steam-Consumption Diagram of Turbine Tp-115/125-130-1TP PO TMZ While Operating In Heat-Extraction Mode with Single-Stage Heating of Delivery Water Based on Heat Run Results

B.L. Shelygin, S.А. Pankov. Сalculation Research of Reconstruction Facilities of Steam Boiler SB-41 when Increasing Power Unit Electrical Power till 330 Mw

V.V. Bukhmirov, Yu.S. Solnyshkovа, M.V. Prorokovа. Experimental Research of Heating System with Infrared Emitters


Yu.B. Kazakov, V.E. Mizonov, E.А. Barantseva, V.А. Philippov. Mechanics of Particle Separation from Concentrated Suspension under Nonhomogeneous Mass Force

V.E. Mizonov, L.N. Ovchinnikov, А.V. Ogurtsov, А.V. Mitrofanov, K. Tannous. Mechanics and Heat Exchange of Particle Ensemble in Fluidized Bed

Yu.B. Kazakov, V.P. Shishkin, D.S. Kornilov. Development of mathematical models for temperature fields calculation in wind-powered axial flux generator


А.А. Usoltsev, N.А. Smirnov. Fuzzy Controller in Servo Drive Control System  with Speed Limitation

S.V. Khvatov, V.V. Vanyaev, V.F. Strelkov. Electromagnetic Processes in Power Supply System of Transmission Devices of Radar Stations

А.А. Staroverov, V.V. Olonichev, M.А. Smirnov. Digital Adaptive Regulator for Industrial Controller with Multitask POSIX Platform Operation System

Methods of Mathematical Simulation

А.V. Evseev. On Sumilation of Air Mass Flows during Physical and Chemical Processes with a Large Number of Reacting Substances Using Graphics Accelerator

E.E. Korochkina, M.А. Kornilov, S.А. Zuev. Methodologies of passive cooling system modeling for control processors of the dyeing trimming production equipment

А.V. Evseevа. Prediction of Energy Consumption with Hybrid Algorithm and CUDA Technoligy

А.B. Gnatyuk. Vektor-raster models of an estimation of territory properties


I.F. Sidorinа. Characteristics of Program-Target Planning and Financing Budget Expenditures

А.А. Аndreev. Project Financing in Electrical Power Engineering

V.I. KolibabА, E.O. KutumovА. Methodical Issues of Increasing Power Efficient in Textile Branch Nowadays

D.S.  Piotukh. Potential of Using Uniform Technologies of Difficult Objects of Equipment


N.S. Bandurinа. Nature of phenomenon of comic in historical-literary and philosophical discourse

N.V. Vetrovа. Applying Positive Transfer from English while Studying French as a Second Foreign Language