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2012 issue 6

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B.L. Shelygin, E.S. Malkov. Efficiency Analysis of Heat Producing Unit at Variable Operating Modes While  Burning Additional Fuel in Heat Recovery Boiler

E.V. Barochkin, V.P. Zhukov, A.Y. Nenaezdnikov, A.N. Belyakov, G.V. Ledukhovsky, A.P. Zimin. Modeling of Deaeration Process in Bubble Stage with Liquid Flows Circulation


O.S. Mel’nikova. Influence of Power and Rated Voltage of Working Power Transformers on Oil Volume in Main Insulation

V.P. Golov, A.A. Martirosyan, I.A. Moskvin. Characteristics Calculation of Steady-state Modes of Electrical Power Engineering System with the controlled device of series compensation


Yu.B. Kazakov, N.A. Morozov, S.A. Nesterov. Magnetorheological Damper with Piston Magnetic System

V.V. Novikov, Е.Е. Nuzdina, S.A. Syrbu, M.S. Marshalov, R.U. Lisitsyn. Improving Lubricating Ability of Lubricating and Cooling Technological Substances for Metal Treatment due to Mesogenic Compounds Additions

S.M. Perminov. Research of Distribution of Magnetic Field Strength and Magnetic Flows in Classical Magneto-Liquid Sealer

A.P. Sizov, О.U. Balashov, E.V. Sergeev. Viscometer Design for Magnetic Liquids Research

A.V. Stulov, A.I. Tikhonov. Heat Сalculation of Transformers Windings and Current-Limiting Reactors by Means of  Electrical Equivalent Circuit


L.G. Kopylova, S.V. Tararykin. Compensation of Load Torque Harmonic Disturbances in Following Electromechanical Systems and Elements of Control Structural Optimization

К.Т. Tergemes. Parametric Synthesis of Multimotor Asynchronous Drive with Thyristor Converter of Voltage


A.A. Mitushov, S.I. Shuvalov. Mathematical Modeling of Thermal Power-plant Pipes State in Creeping Conditions

A.L. Arkhipov, F.N. Yasinskiy. Movement Simulation of Viscous Incompressible Fluid on the NVIDIA CUDA


I.D.Ratmanova, E.R.Travnikov. Automation of Power Consumption Rationing and Limits  in Budgetary Sphere of the Region

N.N. Elizarova, А.А. Kuznetsova. Application of Statistical Methods for Prior Information Processing


D.M. Maslov, Yu.V. Vilgina, Yu.V. Grubova. Certification of ISPU Quality Management System in Accordance with the EFQM Model Criteria

V.I. Kolibaba, E.O. Kutumova, E.V. Kutumova. Identification and Economic Assessment of Energy Saving Potential in Textile Industry

N.V. Savina, T.S.Kozlova. Control of Electric Power Quality in Electric Power Supply Systems of Metallurgical Enterprises in Market Conditions


VII International Conference on Automated electric: scientific results. summary

N.V. Shvidchenko, S.I. Lukyanov, R.S. Pishnograev. Control System of Electric Collecting Roller Table of Hot Rolling Broad-Strip Mill

V.R. Khramshin. Development and Implementation of Automated Electric Drives and Control Systems of Technological Parameters of Hot Rolling Broad-strip Mill

S.I. Luk’yanov, N.V. Fomin, A.I. Khlystov, E.S. Luk’yanov. Electric Drive Control System of Pulling Rollers of Blanks Continuous Casting Machine

V.N. Medvedev, A.S. Karandaev, O.I. Karandaeva, Y.I. Mamleeva, E.A. Khramshina. Technological Demand and Efficiency Assessment of Implementation of Variable-Frequency Electric Drives on Thermal Power Plants

R.G. Mugalimov, A.R. Mugalimova, M.R. Mugalimova. Perspectives of Asynchronous Motors Application with Individual Compensation of Reactive Power in Industrial Electric Drives

E.Ya. Omelchenko, V.O. Moiseev, O.A.Telezhkin. Automated Electric Drives of Drawing Mills According to the «Frequency Converter– Asynchronous Motor» System

V.N. Drozdov, V.A. Tolmachev, D.A. Subbotin. Electromechanical Reverse Scanning Device Adjuster

 V.N. Drozdov, V.A. Tolmachev, D.A. Subbotin. Reversible electromechanical scanner device control system

A.N. Gorunov, G.B.Onishchenko. Regulated Electrodrive for Pump Set of the First Raise Water Supply Station