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2013 issue 6

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Heat and Power Engineering

G.V. Leduhovsky, V.P. Zhukov, E.V. Barochkin, A.P. Zimin. Multicriteria regularization of energy flows and heat carrier in complex power systems

A.K. Sokolov. Assessing the heat loss impact on the optimal chamber heating furnace capacity in terms of fuel consumption

O.I. Gorinov, O.B. KolibabА, R.N. Gabitov, O.V. Samyshina. Method of determining effective temperature conductivity coefficient of the layer of materials containing organic substances

А.S. Kursky. Boiling tank type reactors for nuclear district heating

Electrical Power Engineering

B.А. Staroverov, B.А. Gnatyuk. IImproving efficiency of automated electric power fiscal metering systems by introducing forecasting functions

V.D. Lebedev, A.A. Yablokov, A.E. Nesterikhin. Error investigation of current measurement by the Rogowski coil based on mathematical and physical modelling

V.A. Shuin, Т.Y. Vinokurova, E.S. Shagurina. Mathematical model of calculating the minimum level of higher harmonics in line-to-ground fault current in 6–10 kV resonant earthed systems

B.V. Papkov, M.V. Sharygin. Systems of organization of relations between electric power companies for ensuring power supply reliability


A.V. Stulov, I.A. Kornev, A.I. Tikhonov. Parametric Generation and Calculation of Electrical Equivalent Circuit of Heat Transfer Processes in Tape Windings of Dry-Type Transformers and Current-Limiting Reactors in Steady-State Conditions

N.V. Chizhikova. Influence of electrical network unbalanced conditions on electric power consumers

S.M. Perminov, A.S. Perminov. Development of a new method of forming high-gradient magnetic fields in working gaps of magnetic fluid sealers

Automation Control Systems

D.V. Lukichev, G.L. Demidova. Fuzzy control system of positioning servo drives of elastic coupling rotary supports

V.S. Tomasov, P.A. Borisov, N.A. Polyakov. Techniques of analysis of DC drive power subsystem electromagnetic processes in recuperation mode

D.A. Blagodarov, A.A. Kostin, Y.M. Safonov, A.S. Tarasov. Intellectual control methods in ventilation and air conditioning systems

A.S. Ushkov, A.R.Kolganov. Energy efficiency analysis of induction motors with a power factor corrector

A.A. Korotkov, A.B. Vinogradov. Unbalance Voltage Compensation and Cell Shunting Functions of Space Vector PWM Algorithm for High-Voltage Converters

Methods of Mathematical Simulation

V.P. Zhukov, V.Е. Mizonov, A.N. Belyakov. Generalization of Boltzmann Kinetic Equation for Describing Combined Processes of Grinding and Classification

I.A. Maliy, O.V. Potemkina, S.G. Sidorov, A.S. Mocha-lov, V.V.Netkachev, I.F.Yasinskiy, F.N. Yasinskiy. Modelling of oil spill on a water surface by using supercomputers with graphic accelerators

N.N. Yelin, A.V. Tzyplov, V.E. Mizonov. Improvement of energy efficiency of  crude ore hydromining

V.D. Lebedev, A.A. Yablokov. Dynamic processes in measuring current and voltage transformers

V.K. Semyonov. Self-organization of conductive channels in charged water-oil emulsion

F.N. Yasinsky – 80 years