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2012 issue 3

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V.N. Vinogradov, I.A. Shatova, G.V. Ledukhovsky, Y.E. Barochkin, Y.N. Doroshko, V.N. Zaytsev. Water-Chemical Regime Improvement of Thermal Power Plants of Medium Pressure

A.B. Larin. Mathematical Model of Ionic Equilibria of Boiler Water in Drum Boiler

I.V. Kladov, A.Ya. Shelginsky, A.S. Sedlov, V.V. Galaktionov. Power Technological System Improvement of Extractive Phosphoric Acid Production


D.N. Kokoulin, V.A. Shuin. Algorithm Research of Blocking Equipment of Relay Protection while Swinging

M.Sh. Misrikhanov, A.G. Rusina. Innovative Approach to Solving Regime Problems in Managing  Electric Power Systems


S.M. Perminov. Usage of Magnetic Field Edge Energy for Increasing Magnetic Systems Efficiency of Electromechanical Devices

V.A. Poletayev, L.K Chernov. Research of Particle Interactions in Magnetic Field of Operating Space of Magnetoabrasive Device

A.N. Belyakov, V.P. Zhukov, H. Otwinowski, T. Wylecia. Research of Energy Flows Formation and Rate of Material Wear while Being Ground

Yu.B. Kazakov, E.A. Shumilov. Analyzing Ways and Methods to Decrease External Electromagnetic Fields of Induction Motors with Supplying of Pulse-Width Modulated Voltage


N.P. Badalyan, E.A. Chashchin. Mathematical Model Designing of Steady State Mode of Power Engineering System

M.M. Basharov, A.H. Ziyatdinova. Shear Stress Calculation on Wall in Gas-Liquid Media

А.O. Semenov, А.N. Labutin, D.V. Tarakanov. Calculation Method of Preference Parameters of Action Versions for Disaster Response on potentially dangerous objects


A.M. Karyakin, E.O. Grubov. Laboriousness Estimation Approach of Research, Scientific and Development Works in Power Engineering with Fuzzy Expert Judgments

K.А. Abdukhmanov, E.V. Belyaev. Organization and Separate Accounting of Incomes and Expenses According to Activity Types of Power Engineering Enterprises

А.B. Gnatyuk, V.N. Ershov. Structurization and Aggregation in System Analysis of Territory Resources Supply

T.B. Malkova, O.A. Lebedeva. Peculiarities and Management Problems of Heat-Power Engineering in Ivanovo Region