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2013 issue 2

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Heat and Power Engineering

 G.V. Ledukhovsky, V.P. Zhukov, E.V. Barochkin, A.P. Zimin. Solution to Regularization Task of Material  Flows in Complex Power Engineering Systems

 E.S. Malkov, B.L. Shelygin, A.Y. Kosterin. Feasibility Study of Installing Network Water Gas  Heater in Gas Duct of Recovery Boiler

 V.K. Semenov, L.G. Babikova. Effectiveness  Estimation of Cooling System of Horizontal Plazmochemical  Reactors of  Target Product

 A.E. Zaryankin, A.N. Rogalev, E. Yu. Grigori’ev, A.S. Mager. Combined-cycle Plant with Regenerative  Heating of Feed Water

 Electrical Power Engineering

 A.R. Denisov, M.G. Levin, A.V. Rybinskiy. Risks  Simulation of Regulatory Deadlines Violations of  Technological Attachment to Electric Networks


 D.S. Kornilov, Yu.B. Kazakov, V.P. Shishkin. Magnetic Field Simulation and Design Improvement of  Magnetic System of Axial-flux Permanent Magnets  Generator

 S.S. Ananyev, A.N. Golubev, V.A. Martynov, V.G Belonogov, V.D. Karachev. Synchronous Electric  Drive with Optimized Vibronoise Characteristics and Its  Designing

 Automation Control Systems

 N.E. Gnezdov, S.K. Lebedev, A.R. Kolganov. Electromechanotronic System with Nonrigid Mechanics and Astatic State Regulator

 V.N. Mardensky, I.V. Bobylev, M.V. Andryukhin, V.F. Strelkov, V.G. Titov, E.A. Chernov. Stability of  Synchronous Electric Drives of Antenna of Radar Stations  with Digital Control System

 A.A. Korotkov, A.B. Vinogradov. Energy Efficiency  Analysis of Control Algorithms of Variable-Frequency  Drive High Voltage Converter

 V.N. Dolov, V.F. Strelkov, M.V. Andryukhin, V.V. Vanyaev. Current Frequency Spectrum of  Transmitting Device in Autonomous Power Supply  System of Radar Station

 A.S. Plekhov, V.G.Titov, K.A. Binda, D.Yu. Титов. Structure and Algorithms of Control of Energy Saving Compensation Converters

 Methods of Mathematical Simulation

 V.A. Martynov, A.N. Golubev, A.V. Aleynikov. Mathematical Simulation of Operational Modes of  Polyphase Synchronous Drives with Permanent  Magnets

 V.E. Mizonov, N.N. Yelin,  A.V. Popelyshko, V.A. Mylnikov. Heat State Simulation of Pipeline Cross  Section at  Frost Penetration of Heat Insulation

D.O. Moskvin, V.V. Sotsky, N.V. Usol’tseva. Productivity Evaluation of Two Cell Method Algorithms for Van der Waals Interactions Calculation in Molecular Dynamics Modeling with Using of Graphics Units


 A.M. Kariakin, V.V. Berezka. Interactive Procedure of  Multicriteria Optimization while Making Calendar  Plans

 A.V. Zadorozhniy, R.V. Okorokov. Main  Implementation Effects of the Technological Platform «Intellectual Energy System of Russia»

 To the 70-th anniversary of Yuri Semenovich Tver, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor