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2011 issue 5

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E.Kh. Kitaytsevа, Yu.V. Yavorovskiy, V.V. Sennikov, T.Yu. Poluektovа. Parameters Accuracy Assessment of Heating Network

А.А. Korotkov. Water Decarbonization with Atmospheric Deaerator

U.S. Tverskoy, I.K. Myravev. CCGT Power unit Mathematical Model and its Application for Calculation of Plant Efficiency


V.K. Slyshalov, Yu.V. Kandalov. Electromagnetic Field and Parameters of Underground Pipelines with Anticorrosive Covering

V.D. Lebedev, А.А. Yablokov. Researching Antiresonant 220 Kv Voltage Transformer on the Basis of Mathematical Modeling. Comparative Analysis of Structures

V.Yа. Frolov, А.V. Korotkov. Diagrams of Active and Reactive Loads of Residential Consumers


V.А. Poletaev, S.M. Perminov, T.А. Pakholkovа. Influence of Tooth Point Ground on Forming Magnetic Field and Working Gap Retention Ability of Magnetic Fluid Seal

Yu.B. Kazakov, А.V. Tamyarov, E.А. Shumilov, D.O. Chuyanov. Numerical Analysis of External Electromagnetic Fields of Induction Motors with Supply of Latitude Pulse-Modulated Voltage

А.V. Yudin. Electromagnetic Model of Multicomponent High-Temperature Heater

V.V. Markov, V.А. Godlevskiy, E.V. Kiselevа.  Capillary Mechanism of Lubricant Action of Water Oil Microemulsions in Edge Cutting Conditions

V.А. Poletayev, S.M. Perminov, T.А. Pakholkovа, А.S. Perminovа. Researching Magnetic Field of Working Gap in Magnetic Fluid Seal of Classic Design

V.A. Ogurtsov, A.V. Ogurtsov, E.P. Gorokhova, A.A. Galieva. Simulation of Particles Motion on Screening in Vibro-Liquefied Layer

M.N. Shipko, M.А. Stepovich, V.А. Poletaev, V.Kh. Kostyuk. On Influence of Weak Pulse Magnetic Fields on Regularization Processes in Precision Alloys of Fe-Si-Al System

Automation Control Systems

A.P. Shatkov. Implementation of Relay-Vector Control Principle in Asynchronous Drive with Immediate Measurement of Magnetic Field Parameters

А.M. Vodovozov, А.S. Elyukov. Experimental Model Test of Asynchronous Machine in Working Frequency Spectrum


А.V. Evseeva, E.L. Nikologorskayа. Several Supplements for New Forecasting Method Based on Analysis of Time Series

О.V. Potemkinа, I.F. Yasinskiy, F.N. Yasinskiy.  Mathematical Model Development for Estimating Forest Fires Danger with the Usage of the Neural Networks Algorithm with Data about Forest Materials Humidity, Human Factor and Thunder Possibility


А.M. Karyakin, А.V. Baitov. State Policy in Sphere of Investment Processes Regulattion in Power Engineering in Russia

E.А. Bibikovа, S.V. Simontsevа. Financial Politics of Commercial Bank: Importance, Role, Principles of Elaboration

О.S. Romanovа. The Interests Coordination of Participants of Economic Activities: the Histirical Backgraund

E.S. Vasilchuk. Strategy and Strategic Planning. Dialectical Unity and Difference of Views

V.I. Kolibaba, А.А. Ovsyannikov. Methods of Functional Reliability and Financial Condition Analysis for Interregional Distribution Grid Companies