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2011 issue 4

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G.V. Ledukhovsky, А.А. Pospelov, N.S. Astashov, I.B. Volkov, G.B. Komissar. Heat Runs Results of Tp-115/125-130-1tp PU TMZ in Condensation Mode

А.V. Moshkarin, B.L. Shelygin, G.I. Doverman, E.V. Zakharenkov, T.А. Zhamlikhanov, E.S. Malkov. Innovations in Thermal Diagrams Designing of Steam Turbine Units, Steam Gas Plants and Evaporator Installations

B.L. Shelygin, S.А. Pankov, А.B. Melnikov, N.V. Bazeev. Analyzing Influence of Feed Water Nominal Injections into Steam Duct of PK-41 Boiler on Efficiency and Operational Reliability

B.M. Larin, E.V. KozulinА, А.B. Larin, А.V. Kolegov. Implementation of Automatic Chemical Control System on Chemistry Conditions at Thermal Power Station


V.K. Slyshalov, Yu.V. Kandalov, V.D. Lebedev. On Engineering Design of Grounding Resistance of Typical Supports of Elevated Pipelines

O.N. Kuznetsov, N.А. Antipova. Electromagnetic Brake Application for EPS Transient Stability on Konakovskaya State District Power Station

G.E. Kuvshinov, А.N. Kozlov, Yu.V. Myasoedov, Yu.А. Andreenko, I.А. Bogoda’ko, A.S. Zinkeevа. Differentiate Measuring Current Converters for Relay Protection and Automatics in High-Voltage Power Networks


S.M. Perminov. Еdge Effects Research of Magnetic Field according to Nonlinear Properties of Magnetic Materials by using Mathematical Simulation

D.А. Bektashov, А.А. Krapostin. Research of Mechanical, Physical, and Chemical Processes on Contacting Surfaces of Mineral and Ceramic Cutting Tool

V.А. Poletaev, M.G. Markov, E.V. Krasilnikyants, А.S. Orlov. Impulse Magnetic Unit for Hardening of Cutting Tools


V.V. Tyutikov, E.V. Krasilnikyants, А.А. Varkov.  Software Components of Manipulator Robot

А.P. Burkov, E.V. Krasilnickyants, А.А. Smirnov. Development of Rotor Flux Observer of Asynchronous Motor on the basis of two-dimensional Convolution Function

O.S. Khvatov, А.B. Daryenkov, I.S. Samoyavchev. Simulation Model of Unified Ship Electric Power Station Based on Explosion Engine with Alternating Frequency Rotation of Shaft


S.V. Kosyakov, А.M. Sadykov. Simulation and Analysis of Power Supply Systems of Territories by using Information Zoning and Aggregation Methods

Е.R. Panteleev, Е.B. Ignatev, А.L. Arkhipov.  Оbject-Event Model of Data Integration in Information Systems of Municipal Government


I.А. Astrakhantseva, E.А. Ardasovа. Scientific and Research Issues of Credit Monitoring in Russian and Foreign Researches

N.V. Klochkova, V.O. Berdichevskaya. Innovative Development Prospects of the Russian Federation Economy

L.I. Abrosimov, А.G. Chernov. Development of Information Model for Asset Management of Territorial Distributing Corporation on Example of Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System

Е.Е. Nikolaevа. Distributive Relations and Correcting Market Mechanism