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2013 issue 5

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Heat and power engineering

E.S. Malkov, B.L. Shelygin, A.Yu. Kosterin. Structural optimization of a network water gas heater in recovery boiler gas duct

S.D. Gorshenin, A.Y. Nenaezdnikov, G.V. Ledu-hovsky, V.P. Zhukov, E.V. Barochkin. Development of empirical support for a cell model of water deaeration in deaerator tanks with flooded bubbling stage

C. Beaumont, E. Holtzweiler, V.M. Zakharov, N.N. Smirnov, A.A. Yablokov, D.A. Lapateev. Designing and testing of automated windows with heat-reflective shields that meet Russian and European energy saving requirements

V.V. Bukhmirov, G.A. Rodionov. Mathematical modeling of two-phase flows in fine material pneumatic transport facilities

Electrical power engineering

A.N. Nazarychev, A.A. Skorobogatov, E.M. Novo-selov, S.N. Litvinov. Developing of a spectrally-analyzed signal recording time self-correction method

V.A. Savelyev, V.V. Bataewa. Assessment of regional energy safety reduction risk

A.A. Shul’pin, V.Y. Frolov, A.V. Korotkov. Technique of determining systematic error of induction electric meters

I.A. Moskvin. Oscillatory steady state stability of an electrical power system with an interconnection containing controlled series capacitors


Yu.B. Kazakov, V.Ya. Frolov, A.V. Korotkov. Statistical method of assessing energy efficiency of urban network transformers

B.A. Gordeev, A.N. Osmekhin, S.N. Okhulkov, V.G. Titov. Amplitude-frequency characteristics of electromechanical converters depending on hysteresis effects in their ferromagnetic cores

A.S. Shmelev, A.I. Tikhonov, L.N. Bulatov. Developing an iterative problem solver of the finite-element magnetic field modelling library and speeding up its operation

B.A. Gordeev, A.N. Osmekhin, S.N. Okhulkov, A.S. Plehov. Elimination of hysteresis effects in ferromagnetic cores of hydraulic vibratory bearing electromechanical converters

Methods of mathematical simulation

V.K. Semyonov. Self-organization of conductive channels in charged water-oil emulsion

V.A. Poletayev, L.K. Chernov. Investigation of magnetic tumbling in magnetic abrasive device

Computer science and information technologies

S.V. Kosyakov, A.M. Sadykov. Method of area zoning according to the cost of technological connection to electric networks

A.N. Ogurtsov, N.A. Staroverova. Algorithm of improving expert assessment consistency in hierarchy analysis method