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2010 issue 1

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Terekhova N.R., Borisov V.V.  Science-technical Progress end engineer¢s work: theoretical ground of their relationship

Karyakin A.M., Baitov A.V., Andreev A.A.The problems of investment programs in power enginiring

Biteryakov Yu.F., Kutinov S.A. Selection of organizational forms for electric power station equipment repair and maintenance

Makashina Olga V. Foundation and advantages of autonomic organization

Karyakin A.M., Grubov E.O. Analysis of distance education technologies application in higher professional education

Tarakanov Denis V. Function of the choice of the best decision under two criterions

Biteryakov Yu.F., Golov P.V. Key competence strategic analysis features during financial crisis

Grubova Yu.V. Quality management instruments application in the process of university stakeholders’ requirements learning

Kotliarov I. Faculty staff scientific output management

Kolibaba V.I., Korovkina Yu.V. The application principle of process methodology in power engineering activity


Butyrina M.V. Local government – basis of forming of civil society

Zalipaeva Е.А. Analysis of the federal statutory acts regulating document management of the Ivanovo executive agencies

Slavko A.A. Сonception of struggle against children homelessness in domestic historiografy in 1920-s

Koroleva T.V. Features of development of a liberal women’s movement in educational sphere in France in 60-s of  XIX-th century –  beginning of the XX-th century

Kotova K.A. The youth political organizations: functions and activity forms (on the example of the Ivanovo area)

Bukhmirov V.V., Sirotkin A.S., Sokolova Yu.V. Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Sushkov: scientist, teacher, leader

Kulikova O.B. The concept of a reality and the project «a Science»

Rushinskaya I.S., Filatova M.V. On Implementing  New Trends in the English Language Teaching at Ivanovo State Power University

Subbotina L.F., Modina G.V. On Employing Lingual – Didactic Testing in Teaching German as a Second Foreign Language

Dudareva N.A. Internationalization of Russian Higher Educational System: Export of Educational Services (following All-Russian Conference of Vice-Presidents for International Relations)

Vetrova N.V. Teaching of French as the second foreign language in ISPU

Tyurina S.Yu. Developing professional competence of engineering students (foreign language)

Korovina A.V. Realisation of competence model of teaching Russian to foreign power engineering students

Shukurov D.L. The literature of Russian avant-garde and psychoanalysis

Maksimova T.M. The function of genre of the prose poem

Kuzin Yu.D. Spark under the ash: possibilities of the adventure genre of cinematography in the aspect of forming ethical and world outlook values of the personality